Transform Outdoors with Unique Pool Landscaping Sydney

A swimming pool will undoubtedly become one of the focal points of your landscape if that is your plan. Your backyard will look and feel much better if you present the right design. Space Landscape Design creates new designs and offers refurbishment ideas for swimming pools. It is critical that the swimming pool blends in with the existing or newly installed landscaping. To improve the final product, professional landscape architects from Space Landscape Design create the landscaping surrounding the swimming area.

What does pool landscaping mean?

In the landscaping industry, “pool landscaping,” often known as “poolscaping,” refers to the basic design of a pool and its surroundings. Plants, sculptural elements, decking, patios, water features, and more are all included in pool landscaping. While a pool without accessories is fine, a well-thought-out poolscape can liven up even the most boring yard and fit any budget, style, or landscape!

How landscaping around a pool can change your outside area

In addition to offering an unmatched ambiance, a poolscape can change your landscape in other ways. The living area of your home is immediately increased when you add an outdoor entertainment area that not only maximizes use but also may raise the value of your property. A well-thought-out landscape design provides solitude and privacy from neighbors in a busy urban context. Most significantly, though, is that making your designs a reality strengthens your bond with your land and adds to its sense of home.

Some poolscaping ideas

  • Minimal upkeep xeriscaping– Pools require maintenance, but the surroundings do not have to. An outdoor pool with a tropical garden, a free-standing pergola, drought-tolerant plants like succulents and cacti, the use of rock, sand, and mulch, artificial turf, and other low-maintenance landscaping techniques are examples of xeriscaping.
  • Lush Tropical landscape—Many lush tropical plants surround the pool, making it an accessory rather than the main attraction when that is the preferred option. Experiment with the diverse hues and textures of native flowers, including Mount Cook lilies and Chatham Island forget-me-nots! Try some naturally formed pools, palm palms, and built-in water elements.
  • Elegant lounge-like in a resort- The key to poolscape design in a resort is setting the mood! Consider adding wall-mounted pergolas, gas fire pits, custom lighting, zero-entry pool designs, outdoor lighting, etc.

You’re in Safe Hands with Space Landscape Designs

Only competent, seasoned, and morally driven landscape design experts are allowed to practice in this field, thanks to the professional regulations in place. Space Landscape Designs is fully insured against public liability and professional indemnity, and upon request, proof of currency can be provided. Space Landscape Designs provides landscape designers and architects who are members of the Landscape Design Institute (LDI) and the Australian Institute of Landscape Architects (AILA). To arrange a consultation for your Pool Landscaping Sydney and learn how we can assist you in designing the outdoor area of your dreams, contact us now!!