Pool Design

Space Landscape Design aim is to create a balance between aesthetics and function. The swimming pool should be an asset to the property and it is crucial that it looks impressive even when it’s not being used.

Why you need a pool design

Before choosing a builder make sure you have the right design. Having an expert involved from the initial stage means that the completed swimming pool will be in harmony with the surrounds. Experienced advice guarantees an attractive and useful pool and landscape. Our architects will also make sure your design complies with council regulations or NSW Legislation for Complying Developments.

What do our Designers and Architects do?

We use our knowledge of space and aesthetics to create unique pools that are located in the most suitable area of a property. It is about making the most of your space, your environment and creating the outdoor living area best suited to you.

Benefits of professional

Space Landscape Designs knows the importance of positioning a pool in the right location to ensure it can be used easily and that it complements the house and garden.

By using a professional, you benefit from their knowledge. The designer realises the importance of incorporating the home and outdoor entertaining areas with the new pool and the surrounding landscaping.

Once a design is completed, we can tender your design with pool builders so that compare costs. Finding the right pool builder is always a daunting task. We have developed relationships with a number of reputable pool builders who we recommend according to the challenges of each design.

Landscaping around the pool

You must consider the landscaping surrounding the pool. It’s important that you have a balance of planting, paved areas and or decking so that the landscaping and pool complement each other.

Lodgement with Council

Once we have completed the plans it’s time to lodge the plans with your local Council. Filling in a Council Development Application (DA) can be cumbersome and a difficult task. Let us process and put your application together and lodge this on your behalf giving you more time for the things you enjoy.

Complying Development Certificate (CDC)

Your swimming pool may fall under a Complying Development or CDC which combines both the development consent and a construction certificate. No council approval required! We make the necessary checks to determine if your property complies and is eligible for CDC approval. If it does we can then present your plans to a private certifier for final approval.

Material and Finishes Selection

We can tailor a selection of material and finishes for your pool and surrounding landscape that blends in with your home and existing landscaping. Our showroom offers a range of specially selected coping, pool tiles, timbers and pool interior finishes samples which can be tailored to work in with the surrounds and budget.

Safety fencing requirements and regulations

Our pool designs include the location of child-proof safety fencing in compliance with the Australian Standard and Swimming Pools Act. We integrate the necessary fencing requirement into your pool and landscape so it is not only safe but also functional and aesthetic.

View our Swimming Pool Showcase for completed jobs.