Council Planning, Approval and Complying Developments

Sydney Councils require a landscape plan be submitted for any Development and Building applications lodged. New swimming pools also require an application with plans and documentation submitted to council (DA) or a Complying Development Certificate (CDC).

Development Application (DA)

Space Landscape Designs are aware of the constant changes to rules and regulations for all Sydney Councils. As we regularly submit garden plans to these governing bodies, we can make sure your application is prepared in the correct manner to ensure a fast approval process.

All Councils have differing requirements, but for the most, the landscape plans or swimming pool designs should address the following points:

  • Hard area and Soft area Ratios
  • A Statement of Environmental Effects
  • Existing trees / and vegetation to be retained or removed
  • Site plan and site analysis
  • Location of building footprint
  • Proposed additional planting
  • Indication of drainage, earthworks or excavation
  • Private open space
  • Elevation and Section Plans for new Swimming Pool
  • Erosion and sediment control plan
  • Access and amenity
  • 12 month maintenance program

What Space can do for you with landscape plans for DA

Our designs are produced on AutoCAD, a program compatible with software used by architects. This means Space Landscape Designs are able to liaise with the client’s architect or home builder and request plans that can be modified for use as landscape plans that are compatible with your architect’s drawings.

Once the landscaping plans are completed, we can act on the client’s behalf and submit all necessary plans and paperwork to the relevant Council.

Space Landscape Designs have submitted landscape plans and DAs on multiple occasions to the following councils:

Northern Beaches Council – Mosman Council – Ku-ring-gai Council – Lane Cove Council – Willoughby Council – Randwick Council – Waverley Council – Woollahra Council – North Sydney Council – The Hills Shire Council – City of Canada Bay Council – City of Sydney Council – City of Ryde Council – Hornsby Shire Council – Hunters Hill Council – Inner West Council – City of Parramatta Council – Strathfield Council – Sutherland Shire Council – The PondsThe New Rouse Hill

Complying Development Certificate (CDC)

A Complying Development (CDC) means that your proposed development does not need to go through Council for approval. The approval process can be carried out through a Private Certifier Authority (PCA).

How to get Complying Development approval

First you need to make sure that your property is eligible for a CDC. This can be done by ordering a Planning Certificate 10.7 from your local council. The next stage is the design. The proposed development needs to be designed according to the State Environmental Planning Policy (Exempt and Complying Development Codes) 2008 controls. Projects eligible under CDC are:

  • Swimming pools
  • Cabana
  • Pergola
  • Retaining walls
  • Paved areas
  • Covered areas
  • Garages and car ports
  • Granny Flats

Your block must also have the correct landscape hard and soft ratios with a percentage which relates to the size of your block. If you tick all the boxes and your development fits in the NSW legislation for CDC, the certificate 149 allows a complying development and your landscape ratios are correct your development can be approved in up to 14 working days with a PCA.

Complying Development or Council DA?

We always tell our clients “Don’t jeopardise the design of the project based on the approval process”. Yes a CDC will generally be cheaper than a Council DA however, it is important that any landscape plans suits the block, the client’s expectations and brief. The CDC rules can limit elements of the design.