Backyard Landscaping Services

Space Landscape Designs offers the following landscaping services to residential and commercial clients throughout Sydney. Depending on the scope of your project and how involved in the process you want to be, different services will be more appropriate for you.

Landscape Plans

From the design brief we will creatively develop a concept plan suited to your site, lifestyle and personal preferences. The plants and materials selected will be appropriate for your site and the surrounding environment. Our plans can include detailed layout of lighting that is essential to highlight the design in the evening. A plant selection schedule is also presented, illustrating all chosen plants. All plans are created using special industry standard software (AutoCAD).

Landscape Design Services

Our experience as landscape and garden designers means we have no end of awesome ideas when it comes to your landscaping project. We learn about the surrounds, listen to your ideas and add in our know-how to design what you want, even if you have difficulty expressing your ideas yourself!

Whatever the size, shape or current condition of your garden, Space Landscape Designs will come up with unique ideas that can be incorporated into your new garden, ensuring your garden is both visually beautiful and suited to your needs.

Swimming Pool Designs

A well planned pool can add another dimension to the recreational area of your home and complete the landscape for your outdoor area. Our designs are perfectly integrated with your home and create another space for the family and friends to relax and entertain. We work with the design of your house and ensure it is complemented by the pool and surrounding landscape.

Space Landscape Designs have a very high reputation for providing custom swimming pool designs ranging from residential pools to international resort swimming pools.

Complying Development Certificate (CDC) Approvals

Some structural designs may require approval. They will fall within a category of either a Council DA (submitted to your local Council) or a Complying Development (submitted to a Private Certifier). Specific criteria must be met for a Complying Development which are:

  • The proposed development fully complies with all the specific requirements and criteria for Complying Developments
  • The proposal complies with the BCA and the Environmental Planning & Assessment Act 1979

If any of the criteria above cannot be satisfied, then a Development Application (DA) must be submitted to Council for your approval of your structure.

Plans for Council Development Applications (DA)

We can prepare plans with all documentation for any new development including swimming pool, cabana, retaining walls, garage, carports and pergola submissions for Council DA approval process.

Materials and Finishes Selection

If you find it difficult to choose the right materials and finishes, we can select the right pavers, timber, pool coping, tiles, stone cladding, pebbles, furniture, and fencing to work in with the architecture of your home. We can recommend suppliers for the different types of products used in your design with samples shown in the final meetings.

3D Landscape & Pool Videos

A 3D model perspective of your new landscaping can be offered as an additional service. A 3D perspective will bring the ideas of the design to life. View examples of our 3D landscape design videos.

Project Management

Once a contractor is selected we offer the service to remain involved managing the landscape project during construction to ensure the job is built as designed and offer you the peace of mind via supervision and on-site visits. We can then handle any alterations that may arise and ensure they are handled in the spirit of the original design.

Garden Lighting Plans

To maximise the use of your garden and enjoy it into the evening, garden lighting is very important. Our garden lighting plans show the type of fittings and correct light positioning to create a show piece garden that can be admired at night.

Landscape and Building Contractors

Not only is the design of your garden important but it is critical to ensure it is constructed correctly and in accordance with the design plans. We can recommend experienced landscape and building contractors who have a high standard of work and professionalism to quote and build your design.