Landscaping Plans – The New Rouse Hill

Space Landscape Designs can create a landscaping plan in The New Rouse Hills, Beaumont Hills to work in with the architectural design of your home and site.

Our landscape designers and landscape architects will make sure that your landscape plan will pass all The New Rouse Hills requirements.

As pool designers we can also tailor a swimming pool design to suite your site, budget and work in with the architectural design of your home for The New Rouse Hills & Beaumont Hills.

We understand all the requirements of The New Rouse Hills and will put together a landscape plan which will be accurately drawn to scale showing the outline of the house on the whole site and include the following:

  • Hard area and Soft area Ratios
  • Existing street trees and features
  • All external house features, water tanks, services etc
  • Paved areas, turfed areas and mulched garden bed areas
  • Location and type of any retaining walls
  • Location and type of fencing and gates
  • Location and type of edging to all garden bed areas
  • Plant schedule including numbers and types of plants
  • Types of paving, including driveway
  • Location and type of letterbox
  • Bin storage location
  • Clothes line location

We will also ensure that the landscaping plan will include:

  • 80% of the planting on your site must be native plant species and must be noted as such on your landscape plan.
  • All external private open spaces are to be landscaped by planting of trees, shrubs, hedges, grass or other forms of landscaping.
  • On lots 15m wide or less a minimum of one tree is required within the front setback.
  • On lots greater than 15m wide a minimum of two trees are required within the front setback.
  • Native and/or low water tolerant plants are preferred in order to reduce reliance on water.

If you require any further information and would like discuss our services further please do not hesitate to contact us.