Backyard Design Ideas

When you think about throwing a house party, where do you expect the guests to congregate? Maybe in the kitchen and the living room, but definitely in the backyard. They’ll want an open, casual space where they can socialise. People love to spend time outdoors, especially in the summer. A patio and a few garden beds can perk up a basic backyard, but a full landscape design is even better. With the right kind of outdoor and transitional spaces, it can be like doubling your home’s square footage. A well designed backyard is the ideal place for entertaining guests, and there are so many backyard design ideas to take advantage of.

Decks and Patios

Many home owners like to have a flat, dry surface for lawn furniture just outside the back door. A timber deck can be elevated and can include more than one level. A patio is a paved area, and it can be defined by natural stone pavers or poured concrete. Using pavers looks softer and more natural. On the other hand, poured concrete is a good surface for kids to play ball and skate on. Either way, a deck or patio is great for entertaining. It gives your outdoor space some structure and eases the transition between the indoors and the outdoors.

Outdoor Kitchens

An outdoor kitchen can be incorporated into a deck or a patio. With a timber deck, it’s obviously a good idea to avoid open flames, but hardscaping is a different matter. You can have a fire pit, a barbecue pit, an open grill or a pizza oven. The possibilities are endless. An outdoor kitchen is a place where messy, smokey cooking is less likely to cause problems, and everyone loves the freedom it brings. At parties, people always

end up hanging out in the kitchen. If there’s an outdoor cooking area, then so much the better.

Cabanas & Covered Areas

It’s always a good idea to have some outdoor space that’s protected from sun and rain. A cabana can be a permanent feature of your landscape design. A cabana is a great place to keep outdoor furniture like day beds, lounges and outdoor dining tables. Cabanas, which usually extend out from the house offer a shady places to sit. Your backyard is going to be an ideal venue for parties and get-togethers.

Sun Porches and Conservatories

If you like the idea of having an indoor-outdoor transitional space that can let in sunlight and provide views, but you’d prefer one that’s got walls and is connected to the house, then consider installing a sun porch or conservatory. Their walls will be mostly windows, and the windows can be operable. Conservatories often have glass roofs, but sun porches normally have solid, opaque roofs. Either way, you’ve got an indoor space that can air conditioned and heated, but that’s visually connected to the backyard. Like a cabana, it can be a retreat from rain and too-bright sunlight, and guests will love it.

Your backyard is an extension of your house, especially in the warm months. If you want it to be well designed for entertaining, with covered, built elements and a complex patio or deck, then a landscape architect is the best person for the job. The landscape architects at Space Landscape Designs would be happy to take a look at your outdoor space, listen to your outdoor entertaining ideas and walk you through all of the exciting possibilities.