Small Backyard Design

Location: Roseville, Upper North Shore

Project: Landscape & Pool Design

This backyard already contained a pool, however the problem was that it was too big and there was no surrounding space.

The clients wanted their backyard renovation to include a smaller plunge pool and for a connection to be created linking the house with the existing pool-house. Having small children, the clients also wanted a lawn area for the children to play on.

The ideal location for the new pool was in the right-angle corner the pool house. A plunge pool was designed to occupy this space whilst still allowing for access around three sides of the pool.

An enclosed, roofed connection was designed to link the house to the pool house so the clients could use the pool-house as an additional entertaining area. The louvered windows on one side of the connection provided a view of the garden. The large single pane glass window on the opposite side allow for a longer view of the miniature bamboo garden and decorative art screen on that side boundary wall.