Why a Landscape Designer or Landscape Architect to create landscape designs

You’ve seen it, and so have we. Some people do a great job designing, installing and maintaining their own landscaping. If you talk to a friend or neighbour who’s done it, you’ll find out what it takes: expert knowledge on a variety of subjects and lots of time and hard work. If you ask someone who’s been there and done that, then they might advise you to think hard before attempting it. There is a good chance they’ll recommend that you use a professional landscape architect or landscape designer. They may give reasons like these:

1. A landscape designer or landscape architect can help you figure it all out

Landscape designers and architects spend years in training and on the job, learning how to plan outdoor architecture. We work with our clients, clarifying goals and priorities and helping you to discover what’s important and what will bring you and your family the most joy. We’re happy when you walk into our office or send us e-mails with ideas, clippings, or better yet, sketches or drawings you’ve made yourself. We can take your concepts and help you bring them to life. We can also bring forward new ideas that may not have occurred to you, but that you may love.

2. A landscape designer or landscape architect will be an expert in outdoor construction and horticulture

You may know something about gardening and horticulture. You may know something about how the construction industry works. You may know something about pool design and installation. You might know how to install patio stones or how to build a wood deck. However, if you’re not a landscape design professional, you’re probably not an expert on all of it. We are. If you already know how you want some of the job done, then we can fill in all the gaps. If you want a new, original design, then so much the better. We can walk you through the process from start to finish.

3. A landscape designer or landscape architect will understand your local building and planning regulations

Most people don’t know when local government approval for changes to their property is necessary. In circumstances when it is necessary, they don’t have the skills, knowledge or resources to produce the plans that need to be submitted. The fact is, these requirements vary according to local authority and even according to neighbourhood. We know most of the local planning requirements around Sydney, and if you live in an area we’re not familiar with, we know who to call and what questions to ask.

4. You’ll save time

It’s a fact: if you plan to design and build a complicated landscaping project yourself, then you’ll need time to do the research, time to ask questions, time to make mistakes and lots of time to get the work done. If we do it for you, it will happen much faster and it won’t take over your life

5. You’ll save money

Even through we need to be paid, professional landscape designers can actually lower your total costs. We can work to your budget. We’re eligible for industry discounts. We have working relationships with contractors and can negotiate low cost building and maintenance services for you. We’re familiar with all of the products and options, and we can choose the ones that will bring you the best value.

Some of our most enthusiastic clients are people who have successfully completed their own landscape design projects in the past. Once they’ve done it themselves, they know how much work it is and they understand the value of our skills and expertise. If you ask us to help out with your project, we think you’ll be thrilled with both the design process and the results.