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Your Landscapers & Pool Designers in Sydney

We are innovative, award winning landscapers and pool designers based in Sydney. We take great care and pride in all our landscape and garden design projects and have a particular affinity with swimming pool design.

Our aim is to surprise and delight our clients by supplying a top class landscaping service that exceeds the expectations they have about their property.

The plans we provide is based on understanding the physical characteristics of the site and the budget our clients have to work with. We can then develop the landscaping concept as a unique outcome comprised of existing landscape features, the client's preferences and our own creative flair, accumulated through years of experience as landscape architects.

Landscape & Garden Design

The passion and experience of our garden designers means we have an unlimited number of ideas when it comes to any new outdoor project. It is just a case of 'how to make what you want, happen in the best way'

Whatever the condition of your existing garden, no matter how large or small, Space Landscape Designs will have original ideas that can be incorporated seamlessly into your new garden. This will ensure your garden is both visually beautiful and practical enough to suit your needs.

All Landscaping Services

As professional landscape designers we can take care of plan drawings, 3D modelling, local council approvals and more. We can also co-ordinate the landscape construction so you don't have to worry!

Swimming Pool Design

If you are thinking about having a swimming pool as a part of your landscaping, then it is going to become one of the key features. Having the right design to take to your pool builder will greatly improve the look and feel of your space. We can help to design new pools or provide plans for a swimming pool renovation. Attractive landscaping around the pool area will also enhance the overall result.

As with all of the plans we create, our swimming pool designs will comply with council (DA) or Complying Development Certificate (CDC) regulations. This helps make the process from conception to completion a smoother process for all.