Make Your Garden Part of Your Home

Most people in Greater Sydney and New South Wales want to take advantage of their entire property. There’s no point in hiding in the house when the weather is good for much of the year. The outsides of our homes can be as important as the interiors, and structuring the outdoor space can add immensely to its beauty and utility. Landscape design can give your outdoor living areas form and function and help tie them to the sheltered parts of your house .

An Outdoor Addition

Unless you’ve hired an architect for a custom design, the geometry of your home’s interior, the basic appearance of its exterior and its position on the lot are all in place from the beginning. All you can do is decorate the walls, select and arrange furniture and add a few personal touches. However, the rest of the property is usually a blank slate. Working with a landscape designer is one way you can play a greater role in shaping your environment. You can choose the types of spaces you want to create based on the functions you’d like them to serve. Designing your lot is like adding an exterior addition to your house. It will make your home feel larger and invite you and your family to spend more time out of doors.

Transitional Spaces

On bright and beautiful days, you’ll want to experience the warm breezes and smell the flowers and grass while taking shelter from the harshest sunlight. On wet days, wouldn’t it be nice to listen to the sound of the raindrops and invite in a cool breeze without getting soaked? You’ll also want to be able to enjoy a view of your beautiful

garden from both indoors and out. Transitional spaces help with all of this. Depending upon your home’s form, transitional spaces can be indoor areas that open up or outdoor areas that are sheltered and semi-private. This type of space brings out the best of both worlds. It eases the constructed world of the interior into the more natural world of your exterior living spaces. Transitional spaces can extend your home’s architecture, blurring its boundaries.

A Structured Exterior

Beyond the transitional spaces are the planned outdoor spaces. Extending the architectural lines of your house into the landscape can help to visually and intuitively extend the limits of your home. Architectural principals of symmetry and geometry can be applied in landscape design, creating a series of beautiful and useful outdoor spaces that mirror the discipline of your home’s interior architecture. A landscape designer can create more space to relax, more space to cook, more space to socialise and more space to breathe. A good landscape design can make the exterior areas of your property feel like part of your home.

Your house was designed by a professional. Your outdoor living space can be professionally designed, too. The use of symmetry and transitional spaces can make your outdoor living area grow organically out of your home’s geometry. Extend the boundaries of your living space into the garden, the patio, the deck and the pool area through the magic of landscape design.