Lap Pool

Small Lap Pool Design

A lap pool design was created integrating the pool and lower lawn and landscape area.

It was important that the lap pool designers did not divide or cut off the lower landscaping area from the house. To increase the connection of the lawn area to the house, the lap pool was designed a level between the upper entertaining deck and the lower lawn. This way the upper deck was converted into a raised area, almost a 'viewing platform' where views down to the pool would be created. The lower lawn would then be accessed via the intermediate pool deck which would also allow access into the pool and spa.

This feature wall allowed the swimming pool to be as close to the site boundary as possible and provide privacy screening from the adjoining neighbour. Two sheer descents were designed into the pool feature wall to provide exciting water play opportunities in the shallow end deep end.

We designed and located the spa to allow for a relaxing place to sit and look back towards the house or at the people in the pool. The spa was placed at water level to provide a seamless transition for those wanting to slip from the spa into the pool. White pool tiles were chosen giving the water a very pale sky blue colour and make the pool feel larger.

Our landscape architects can include features such as a lap pool to help make the most out of your property too.

Lap Pool Design Raised Feature Wall Small Lap Pool Pool Landscaping White Tiled Pool Lap Pool Pool Decking Tiled Spa