Pebblecrete Swimming Pool

Pool Design using Pebblecrete

The clients came to us with a brief for a swimming pool that was not only fantastic to look at but was also functional for a young family.

With this brief and a budget in mind, the approach was towards a simple but elegant pool design using Himalayan sandstone pavers and a white pebblecrete interior for the pool. By carefully selecting the waterline tiles the beautiful, bright blue colour of the water is framed and the pool completed.

A large step in the shallow end of the pool creates a safe area for the young children to play before they are confident enough to venture out into the deeper areas of the pool.

A selection of strappy-leafed, accent plants complement the materials around the pool, giving the whole design a very natural feel. The New Zealand white pebblecrete swimming pool was designed beautifully with a budget in mind.

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